nLight Power Packs: How Does "Output Testing" Mode ("Button Mode") Work?

  • When “output testing” is enabled:
    • The button will toggle the relay to “override on” and “override off” (as seen in the “current settings”)
    • When the relay is closed, “pole state reason” will be “Profile or Scene Override”
    • When the relay is open, “pole state reason” will be “Manual Override”
    • When in this state, occupancy sensors will NOT control loads.  This is the same with SSI standard products, as this is used to disabled occupancy/photocell control.


  • When “output testing” is enabled and the device loses power and is powered back up:
    • Power pack will revert to “override on”, independent of state BEFORE losing power
    • Pole state reason will read “Profile or Scene Override”
    • Occupancy sensors will not control loads, as it is in an “Override On” state


  • When “output testing” is enabled, and the load is toggled with a nPODM:
    • When given an “On” command from nPODM, relay will close and go into “Temporary Manual Override” state for 1 minute
    • nPP16 will revert back to “normal” after manual override clears, and then be under standard nLight normal control (occupancy sensors will control load)
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