GR 2400 & 1400 Series - Programming Sequences

There is a special function built into the Groups and Schedules menu called SEQUENCE. This function allows relays to be turned on or off in a certain order, using specified time delays. It can be useful for audio applications where preamps must be turned on before main power amplifiers. A sequence can be programmed by scrolling down on the NO LOADS field under review schedule, and then pressing ENTER on SEQUENCE. You will see this screen:



1st ID is the address number of the board containing the relays to be sequenced.

Changing the PRESET value will change the time delay of all relays listed. Each relay can also be adjusted individually by scrolling up or down on the number right of the relay ID.

# RLY's is the total number of relays to be sequenced (NOTE: relays that are going to be sequenced must be wired to numerically consecutive relays i.e: R4, R5, R6....)

The schedules ON TIME will turn the relays on starting with the lowest time delay. The schedules OFF TIME will turn the relays off starting with the highest time delay and working backwards.

You can also program sequences to switch buttons. By default, a MAINTAIN Group 31 that contains any single relay from the sequence, will begin the ON sequence. Conversely, a MAINTAIN Group 32 that contains any single relay from the sequence, will begin the OFF sequence. 

IMPORTANT: After programming these groups to the switch buttons, you have to disconnect the switch, remove the loads from the groups, then reconnect the switch. If you do not do this step, the relays you programmed in groups 31 and 32 will not operate properly within the sequence.

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