Smart Breaker Panel - Expected delay on Smart Breaker Panel override timers

Under normal circumstances, the relays with active override timers on the GR2400, GR1400, iDIM/iDH panels are expected to time out after the duration of the set timer values. However on Smart Breaker Panels, there is a noticeable delay. For example, when a 2 hour override timer is programmed on a Smart Breaker, the breaker will time out at about 2 hours and 52 minutes. 

There is always an additional 43% delay to the override timer programmed on a Smart Breaker. To compensate, program the override timers using the calculation below. 

[43% x programmed timer] + [programmed timer] = desired timer

desired timer /1.43  = programmed timer

If a 2hour override timer is desired,

programmed timer = 2hr / 1.43

programmed timer = 1.40 hours (or 1 hour & 24 minutes)

contributed by:
Carlos Parada

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