Toggle a Group from a switch.

A group cannot be toggled with a switch but a Chelsea AP switch can be programmed to appear to toggle a group.


To accomplish this you must use two groups and have a control relay, this relay may be a space or 1 of the active relays in the groups the important thing about this relay is that it is controlled by these 2 groups.




  1. Program the two groups on set for MOMENTARY ON the other set to MOMOMETARY OFF put the same relays in both groups and include the control relay in both groups. 


Do the following steps:


2        Go to Bus Map and set the switch ID of the switch to 14 buttons (regardless of how many buttons the Chelsea has.)

3        Go to Program Switch select the switch enter SETUP

4        In SETUP change

  1. 7 ON= “Normal” to “Btns1-6 <- 9-14”
  2. 9-14 Disables 1-6: from “Y” to “N”

5        Exit back to SETUP and go program the buttons

  1. In this step program the ON group to the button you want to use for     the group toggle buttons1-4, 6 (you can only group toggle 1 button per switch.)
  2. Program button 7 for On Mode with the control relay.
  3. Program the corresponding button 9-12, 14 with the off group.

6        If this switch has more than 1 button then the buttons that were not used for   toggle need to be programmed the same on both the high side and he low side.




Group 1 set to ON; Group 2 set to OFF

                   Chelsea 1                            Chelsea 3                           Chelsea 6

Button 1      Group 1                                ON                                      Toggle

Button 2                                                  Group 1                                 ON

Button 3                                                    Off                                       Blank

Button 4                                                                                                 OFF                          Button 5                                                                                                Group1

Button 6                                                                                                 ON

Button 7    ON Control relay               ON Control relay                 ON Control relay     

Button 8      Blank                                   Blank                                   Blank

Button 9      Group 2                                 ON                                     Toggle

Button 10                                                 Group 2                                 ON

Button 11                                                  Off                                       Blank

Button 12                                                                                                OFF

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