How to Disable DE (Digital Enable) Chelsea Switches

NOTE: Not applicable to AP (Advanced Programming) Chelsea Switches.

1. The switch type must be changed to a 14 Button Switch under BUS MAP (or PANEL/SWITCH TYPES).

2. Pick an unused relay (or relay position) to be used as the enable/disable relay. 

3. Assign the enable/disable relay to the button as specified on the table below. The button may be set to ON Mode or OFF Mode depending on the logic prefered. If the button is set to ON Mode, and the enable/disable relay is ON, the button will be disabled. If the button is set to OFF Mode, and the enable/disable relay is OFF, the button will be disabled.

To Enable/Disable Button #
Assign Enable/Disable Relay to Button # 
(ON Mode or OFF Mode) 
1 9
2 10
3 11
4 12
5 13
6 14

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    Lee Gutschow

    Do not set the switch type back to the correct number of buttons under BUS MAP (or PANEL&SWITCH).

    When it remains at 14 button and it is a Chelsea switch the person working on the switches will know that it is either a DE or AP switch and they will be able to see the programming on buttons 7-14 without going to BUS MAP and changing the properties back to 14 button.

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