How to set the module as ballast or relay using JUMPER J11

Jumper J11 selects the “module type”. The choices are BALLAST or RELAY.  The only difference between the two settings is the value of the low trim.


You can check your 8L type from the START->SETTING-UP->HARDWARE->MODULES menu:

  1. use the +/- keys to navigate to the address of your 8L card.
  2. The second line of the screen will say either “Ballast” or “Relay”


When the 8L module assembly is right-side-up (inputs on the left, relays on the right), jumper J11 is just to the right of the HOA switch.


The jumper setting is checked when the power is applied to the module. For this reason:

  1. remove power from the 8L
  2. change the jumper setting
  3. apply power to the 8L
  4. THEN you can check your work by going to the START->SETTING-UP->HARDWARE->MODULES menu. See above. HINT: if you are already on this screen, press BACK to leave that screen then select MODULES again.


When there is no jumper, or the jumper is across the top two pins of J11, you are selecting the BALLAST setting. This is the factory default. NOTE: if there is no jumper, the 8L is set for BALLAST.


When the jumper is across the bottom two pins of J11, you are selecting the RELAY setting.

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