nCOMKIT: I'm Having Trouble Installing The Drivers To My nCOMKIT Tool

When plugging a nCOMKIT into your computer for the first time, the device drivers should automatically install.  These drivers are included within the commissioning tool folder, which is installed when installing SensorView. If the device does not install correctly, navigate to your Device Manager - what you should find is the following devices installed:

  • Model 485USB9f-2W within "Universal Serial Bus controllers"
  • RS-485 Port (COMM xx) within "Ports (COM & LPT)"   

If either of these are shown under the "other devices", or if they show up with an exclamation point indicating an error, you can manually install the driver.  The device driver is located in the following folder:  C:\Program Files\SensorSwitch\Commissioning\USBDrivers

If this folder does not exist, perhaps a custom install was chosen during the initial SensorView install.  The install this folder, run the SensorView installer again, select "modify", and check "Commissioning".  Complete the install, and you should now have this folder with the appropriate device drivers.



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